Technical specifications:

CMOS Sensor : 400×400 px
Spectrophotometer : measuring range 400-700 nm
Dimension of the measuring head in mm : L.76 / Diameter 25
Screen : touchscreen
Resolution : 320 x 240 NTSC
Battery : Li-Po 3,7 V 2200 mAh
Memory capacity : 40 shade taking files
Weight of the handpiece : 390g
Dimensions of the handpiece : L. 210 X w.75 x h 155
Dimensions of the docking station in mm : L.133 x w.101 x h 43
USB : 1 USB 2.0
Weight of the docking station : 340 g
Main plug : 5V 1Ah

Patented technology:

The Rayplicker is an innovation in the field of dental aesthetics. This wireless device offers a fast, reliable, ergonomic and complete solution for the perfect and traceable realization of a crown.

Protected by several patents filed in 2015, 2016 and 2018, Rayplicker makes it possible to obtain, in a single acquisition, ultra-precise color maps (brightness, hue, saturation) and translucency of a tooth.