What are the benefits of working with Rayplicker ?



Become objective:

Reliability: Rayplicker allows the practitioner to record all the esthetic parameters of the tooth and to communicate them without degradation and without interpretation to the laboratories.

Efficiency: This solution is the answer to the improvement of traceability and standardization in the development of dental prostheses. The dentist then becomes, for the first time, fully objective.



Treat yourself with everyday comfort:

Simplicity: Designed by dentists and prosthetists, the ergonomics and the interface of the RayPlicker solution have been designed to provide its users an easy shade-taking experience.

Plug and Play: Calibration is automatic and performed simultaneously with the shade-taking. Thus, no further manipulation of the device is necessary before performing an acquisition.

Speed: The taking of color is done very quickly. Beyond the specific time required for the acquisition, the interest of a rapid measurement is to eliminate the risks of error related to the movements of the patient and the practitioner.



Digital workflow:

Relational: The immediate transfer of requests in digital to the prosthetist and the real-time management of the manufacturing process of manufacturing have resulted in improved of customer service and the relationship between dentist-prosthetist.

Community: The Cloud platform, dedicated to dentist / laboratory interaction, is a community platform on which all actors can put themselves forward.

Connected software: Order integration via the cloud enables continuous monitoring of the prosthesis manufacturing process.



An essential tool for laboratories:

Interaction: Rayplicker is a real innovation in the transmission protocol of aesthetic parameters of a tooth. Indeed, it allows a transparent and permanent interaction between dentist and prosthetist.

Complete analysis: The laboratory receives a complete color analysis taking into account the brightness, saturation, chromaticity and translucency of a tooth. Added to this, the possibilty of integrating patient pictures.



Reliability, Speed and Accuracy in a single acquisition.


A complete analysis in few seconds:
  • Polarized picture of the tooth
  • Overall analysis
  • Analysis in 3 parts
  • Analysis in 9 parts
  • Detailled analysis ( pixel by pixel)
  • Translucency analysis



Rayplicker software for easy analysis, improved communications

and better traceability. 


Perform accurate and scientific color analyzes:
  • Multi shadeguide analysis
  • Image processing tool (Luminosity/contrast)
  • CIE Lab / Lch analysis
  • Measurement tool




Possibility of creating your production files directly from the software.. 
  • Fixed prostheses
  • Removable prostheses
  • Implantology