Notifications (Version 1.201):
Software update: March 31st, 2021


Bug fixes

  • Resolved import and archive issues related to the use of certain special characters in file names, export and import folders.
  • Added notifications regarding export, import, corrupted files, pending software updates and insufficient disk space issues.
  • Fixed the display issue of the reference and production tooth selection diagram on “Mac” Retina screens.

Notifications (Version 1.2):
Software update: July 8th, 2020


Optimization of the graphical interface

Modifications or additions of functionalities

  • Limitation of 4 users per license increased to 10.
  • Toolbarfor dental technician permanently visible.
  • File comparator with possibility of editing a comparison report in pdf.
  • Integration of the shade guide “Vita Bleachguide 3D Master®” in the comparator mode, with the possibility of editing a bleaching report in pdf.
  • Fusion of the colorimetric analysis tool and colorimetric coordinates.
  • Possible conversion mm / inch in parameters for the rule tool.
  • Notification system via popup and via software menu. History of notifications under the “information” icon.
  • Optimization of the explanation diagram of the “Colorimetric analysis” tool.
  • Replacement of the Cloud recharging area in the settings with a connection status to the Rayplicker ™ Service Pack (Cloud).
  • Use the PDF reader of the computer by default.
  • Modification in the software of the date indicated on the file. (Indication of the date of shade taking and not of the date of importation of the file)

Updating translations

Bug fixes

  • When ordering a natural tooth stump with the shade of the stump fixed manually, the shade did not go up on the dental technician side (but present on PDF).
  • Impossibility of printing (button not visible) during opening after validation (Laboratory account).
  • Cannot print a single page using the software’s PDF viewer -> use the computer’s PDF reader by default.
  • Special characters not managed by all messaging software (when sending orders by email and laboratory notifications).

Notifications (Version 1.103):
Software update: August 9, 2019


  • Creation of an export button to automatically save the PDF file on your computer.
  • Creation of a direct link to the tutorials and FAQs from the main page of the software.
  • Integration of “Universal” tooth numbering
  • Integration of the Korean translation.
  • Graphical User Interface adjustments.