Problem on my Rayplicker™ device

I have a battery problem
  • The battery in your device may be discharged. Remember to recharge it, plug in 1 to 2 hours before restart the unit. For a full charge count down 5 hours by plugging your Rayplicker device off into an AC outlet.
  • If the problem persists call Borea Service at +33 (0) 9 83 71 71 61


My touch screen does not respond anymore

Two solutions:

  • Your Rayplicker device has no battery
  • If after a full charge the device’s touch screen still does not react, you must reboot it. To do this you just have to turn the device over and using a thin object (paperclip type) press the button on the top of the label for about 1 second.
I can't take a clear acquisition
  • Your image is not clear or there are stains on your image. Remember to clean the optical window from time to time.
  • Here are the five important steps to achieve a good shade taking:
    • 1- Check the position of the mouthpiece.
    • 2- The grey pattern must be parallel to the screen edges.
    • 3- The patient mouth has to be wide open and he must breath by nose.
    • 4- No tongue and lip visible in the image.
    • 5- The position of the tooth must be in the center of the display and the mouthpiece to be in contact. Do not move until the end of the acquisition (1 s)

  • If the problem persists do not hesitate to contact our service at +33 (0) 9 83 71 71 61
How to transfer a shade taking file via USB

Place your Rayplicker device on its base. The device must be turned on and showing the home screen. The base must be connected to the computer via USB. From the main page of your software, click on the Rayplicker icon at the top left of the screen, your device will be detected automatically. Click on the device and select the files to import. Click on “import selection” or “import all”.

All my calibration tips are damaged
  • Calibration tips are cleanable and sterilizable by autoclave. (134 ° C for 20 minutes, each tip has a life-time validated for 100 cycles of autoclave sterilization.)
  • It is recommended to regularly check the quality of the internal surface of the calibration tip. Grey must be matte and not shiny. The grey coating is used as a calibration pattern (white balance), if it is degraded, the calibration will be affected and the results potentially wrong.
  • A damaged tip must be changed. If all your tips are damaged you just have to contact us on +33 (0) 9 83 71 71 61 to order new ones.

Problem on my Rayplicker™ software

Can't send a form via Cloud

Four possible cases:

  • You may forget to fill in a required fields.
  • You no longer have internet access. Check your connection.
  • You no longer have Cloud credits. (Check the number of remaining days from your software in the Settings / Company)
  • Your laboratory  has no more Cloud credits or has not specified his address and is not geolocated.


Can't receive a file

Three possibilities:

  • You do not have internet connection.
  • You no longer have Cloud credits. (Check the number of remaining days from your software in the Settings / Company)
  • If a dentist does not find you on the Cloud and you do not receive any order, you may have forgotten to filled your address. For this go to the settings tab of your software. (Settings / Company / Address).
I can't configure my email
  • Check your credentials. Email address and password.
  • Email server: To configure your email address, it is necessary to specify your mail server. This is often presented as: smtp.”Mail service name”.com. (example: “”). The name of your server can be found on the web search engines.
  • Once you have completed your login and email server, click “test and save” to check the connection.
  • If the problem persists call Borea Service at +33 (0) 9 83 71 71 61.


How to import a file from my Rayplicker™ device

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