The project of development of the Rayplicker™ was born in response to a daily need of a dentist surgeon. For years, the field of dental aesthetics has been looking for a reliable and objective solution to determine the colour and the translucency of teeth.


Borea was created in 2013, after collaboration with the Xlim laboratory as well as a period of incubation within ESTER Technopole in Limoges. Today, the company is based in the business park of ESTER Technopole where we design, manufacture and market the «Rayplicker™ ». Thanks to its team of engineers and developers in computer science, it also ensures the development of the software solution. The company is being enriched with new skills day by day and is currently recruiting new employees.



The Team

  • Julien Guillot / General Manager
  • Gilles Pierson / President
  • Frederik Rougier / Scientific Consultant
  • Sébastien Peyraud / Production Manager – Quality Manager
  • Simon Fraszczynski / R&D Engineer
  • Florian Mousseau / R&D Engineer
  • Pierre-François Crenier / Marketing Manager
  • Margaux Bachelerie / Communications and Marketing Officer
  • Fabrice Chevalier / Product Specialist
  • Arthur Leymarie / IT Technician
  • Guillaume Marty / Production Technician
  • Charlie Léger / Embedded Software Technician
  • Mojahed Sanjak / Business Developper (Middle East)
  • Domènec Huguet / Business Developper ( Spain & Portugal)
  • Laurent Fischer / Business Developper (ASEAN)

They support us

Region Nouvelle Aquitaine
BPI France
AVRUL (Agence de Valorisation pour la Recherche Universitaire en Limousin)