Created in 2013, Borea is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets dental shade-taking system. A device to determine colour and translucency of the tooth.

The first product developed by Borea is the “Rayplicker™“. It is a connected shade-matching device that is part of a quality approach that meets the generalization of certifications in the field of dental aesthetics, for the manufacture of dental prostheses.


Our mission

Borea‘s mission is to offer dental surgeons and dental laboratories innovative solutions to improve comfort and quality in their everyday practice. Our team works with a common goal: customer satisfaction. This depends on the performance of the devices, compliance with regulatory requirements and the guarantee of respect for our commitments to our customers.



Rayplicker™ is a medical device Classe I, bearing the CE marking in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC.

It is made in France by the company Borea. It is a device reserved for dental health professionals and not reimbursed by the health insurance agencies.

Borea’s policy has been consistent with the quality process since its creation. Borea is certified ISO 13485 : 2016.



The Rayplicker™


The Rayplicker ™ is a connected color recording device that allows you to easily, reliably, and reproducibly perform a high quality dental color analysis that determines brightness, saturation, chromaticity, and translucency of the tooth. This device is intended for dental surgeons as well as dental  laboratories.

With its software, this solution is a real innovation for transmission protocol of aesthetic parameters of a tooth. Indeed, it allows transparent and permanent interaction between dentist and prosthetist via the Rayplicker ™ Service Pack with data exchange for real-time control tracking.

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