The concept of the Rayplicker™ solution is to allow the practitioner to make a dental shade-taking in a reliable and repeatable way, without any influences of the external environment. Then, these data are sent to the laboratories as a digital order form. This solution is the answer to the improvement of traceability and also to the standardization of regulations in the development of dental prostheses.

The complete RAYPLICKER™ solution not only allows for shade-taking and translucency. It also enables the exchange of data for a follow-up of order in real time of the order thanks to a transparent and permanent interaction between dentist and laboratories via the Cloud.



The device




The Rayplicker™ is a real innovation in the field of dental aesthetics. This device is a wireless spectrophotometer offering a fast, reliable, ergonomic and complete solution for the perfect and traceable realization of a customized prosthesis.

Protected by several patents filed in 2015 and 2016, Rayplicker™ makes it possible to obtain complete shade and translucency maps of a tooth in a single acquisition.

Polarized picture

Overall shade

3 parts

9 parts

Detailed mapping


Simplicity: Imagined by dentists and dental technicians, the ergonomics and interface of the Rayplicker solution was designed to give its users the experience of an easy shade-taking. Its reduced measuring head allows an access to posterior teeth.

Plug and Play: Calibration is performed automatically and simultaneously with the shade during each acquisition. Rayplicker™ offers the possibility to browse between the different shade mapping (Overall shade, 3 and 9 parts, detailed mapping) and beyond to define the precision of realization of the prosthesis.

Quickness: The shade is taken very quickly. Beyond the specific time required for the shade-taking, the advantage of rapid measurement is to eliminate the risk of error related to the movements of the patient and the practitioner.

Global: The shade taking analysis is based on the VITA 3D-MASTER® shade guide. Then, several shade guides are available on the software. (VITA classical A1-D4® and IVOCLAR VIVADENT Chromascop®)

Safe: Its sterilizable mouthpiece guarantees the practitioner and the patient against any cross contamination.



Technical specifications

Cartography: 2D mapping
CMOS Sensor: 400 x 400px
Spectrophotometer: measuring range 400-700nm
Dimension of the measuring head in mm: L. 76 / Diameter. 25
Screen: Touchscreen
Resolution: 320 x 240 NTSC
Battery: 3,7V 2000mAh
Memory capacity: 40 shade-taking files
Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n
Weight of the handpiece: 380g
Dimensions of the handpiece: L. 210 x W. 75 x H. 155




Dimensions of the docking station in mm: L. 133 x W. 101 x H. 43
Connection: One digital USB 2.0
Weight of the docking station: 330g
Main plug: 5V 1Ah

Medical Device: Class 1 (according to the 93/42 EEC directive)



The software


Discover a new experience with an instantaneous and simplified interaction between practitioners and laboratories

Rayplicker™ Software, Shade-taking tab

Rayplicker™ software, order tab



Complete: Patient data backup, analysis of the shade-taking information, creation of digital order.

Connected software: Integration of orders via the the Rayplicker Service Pack (Cloud option) allows continuous monitoring of the manufacturing process of the prosthesis.

Relational: Digital orders are immediately sent to the laboratories and it is possible to follow-up in real-time the manufacturing process. This results in an improvement of the customer service and the relationship between dentists and laboratories.

Community: The Cloud platform, dedicated to the interaction between dentists and laboratories, constitutes a community platform on which all actors can put themselves forward.




The Mobile Application


To complete your shade-taking, a dedicated mobile application offers the possibility of adding contextual pictures of the patient’s mouth in order to edit an objective and complete order form for the laboratory.

Mobile application Rayplicker


How to get one?

The Rayplicker™ is already available for sale.

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